Sazmick Author Hanos, Features In The Grantham Journal

Hanos is a second time Sazmick author, with his first publication being released in 2017 and entitled invisible, in Ebook format. His latest book, The Magic Haystack – The Power Of Imagination, is an interesting look for children and adults alike with the aim being to help the reader/viewers to expand their mind into the visuals presented in order to see what might not ordinarily be seen! Hanos has very cleverly taken pictures of a ‘magic’ haystack that projects animal and other faces and the book takes you by the hand in guiding you to see outside of the box as well as to encourage you to expand your imagination further in finding other hidden gems too!

The book will be launched and available in paperback format from Monday 17th December, and has already made it into the author’s local paper, The Grantham Journal, with a full page feature spread!

The Magic Haystack has already been very well received and reviews are positive! Get your copy soon from the likes of, and more!

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