Self-Publishing Made Easy!

Sazmick Books began back in 2010 when co-founders Michael & Sarah Feeley needed an outlet to get their work published having concluded that traditional publishers were not the way forward for them. After years of perfecting the publishing and design process, Sazmick Books was born!  Sazmick offers self-publishing, marketing and design services to authors of most genres. We help to fulfil your ambition of getting your work from typed or written manuscript, into a printed book or E-book with customisable add-ons.

Why Self-Publish?

  • Ownership: Self publishing means you are solely in charge of your work and as such you retain all of the rights to your work. You also set the retail price of your book.
  • Profit: As you own all rights to your book this means you also retain 100% of the sales commission. The profit you make from your books, remains your profit and therefore goes into your pocket and no-one elses.
  • Niche: These days it can be difficult to be awarded a traditional publishing contract, especially if your work is so niche specfic… We know, we’ve been there! That’s why self-publishing is the perfect route to publication for anyone whose work might also be ‘different’.