Is it all just an illusion?

In a world of programmed minds, telling us when to get up, when to eat, when to go to work and when we are allowed a couple of weeks of freedom to go on holiday at manipulated inflated prices, a thinking mind is a rarity! Those who stand up and go against the fashionable flow are seen as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ shouted by those who have no understanding of the origins of that phrase!

But for those who can see beyond the illusion that is the reality created for us, a new grid system emerges sprouting a new circuitry of understanding that replaces the former matrix to such an extent that you can never see the world for anything other than what it is, a system of control…

That is what Abigail Pattman, author of The Holographic Matrix thinks and her new eBook documents in meticulous detail how she believes this is taking place. A fascinating read for anyone who is open minded and likes to think outside of the box!


There’s a multitude of amazing spiritual information out there teaching love, compassion, none identification to ego and the silent witness within. Information around how this world is an illusion, who would we be without our story? Focus on having a high vibration, how the world is a wonderful place. Is it?

No book has ever been written on why we are all so messed up. Nothing has been explained why we are in a world where people fight and hate, why there is abuse and how this world is parasitic, satanic and full of pain and misery.

Why as humans do we have to live in a world thats primary objective is to keep humans in debt, poverty and at war with each other? This book and the oncoming books go deep into the sabotage and corruption that is a controlling force on this planet.

We are sovereign beings and our natural state is peace and love – so why is that so difficult to achieve?
The beginning of a rabbit hole that goes deeper with every book and also the birthing of true sovereignty for those looking for solutions.

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