Children’s Book Release – Pippy’s Bedtime

“Mommy Can you read me a story”?

This is a statement so familiar amongst parents, a bedtime story that gives a child joy and night time comfort and attention and a parent the chance to say goodnight with that literal expansion of usual boundaries of the mind to a place of dreamland imagination.

Generation after generation including the parent now taking the role once played by their own parents are engaging in the ritual of storytelling. But how many parents actually become the writer, giving themselves the chance to document their own child’s favourite snippet of imagination and documenting an aspect of their child’s initial years of life forever in literary form?

It takes a little persistence in itself and more than just a pinch of determination but all credit to those who have that drive and take the necessary steps.

One such mother, and now children’s author, is Claire Leila Flanagan who turned her own Son’s bedtime journey into a story! She enlisted th ehlep of Sazmick in publishing her book; Pippy’s Bedtime!



Pippy is finding it difficult to get to sleep and is being a bit of a monkey. How will Mummy help him to calm down and settle to sleep?

In years to come Pippy will visit his childhood past made entirely possible by the literal gift of his mother Claire in a unique and special way, a documented dedication, that not many former children who have now become adults are lucky enough to share in.

It is an inspiration for other parents to follow in the same footsteps and put pen to paper for their own children.

So why not turn your child’s stories into a keepsake? It is the greatest gift of all…

Well done Claire!

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