Pendulum Arts

ISBN: 9781912400041

Published: November 2017

The gate way to your answers in life.

People in life spend many an hour searching for the right answers to the problems surrounding them in daily life. This time could be less stressful and more fulfilling if there was a solution to reach the answer quickly.

This book is designed to show you the way, to your answers in 15 minutes or less, allowing you the other 45 minutes of the hour to live your life more profitable, loving, happier and healthier without stress.

This book is written from real life situations, where the technique has been tried and tested. Giving ‘real life’ proof that Pendulum Arts works for everyone.

All you have to do is read the book, practice the technique, and start today as the first day of the rest of your stress less and loving life. Become more focused radiant, decisive, loved and happy now.

About the author

International natural clairvoyant, medium, teacher and author

During my thirty two years of experience as a natural clairvoyant and medium, I have channeled hundreds of messages from the spirit realm to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  I also teach different methods of spiritual awareness and I have also written a book called ‘ Inspirational Blessings’.

All of my work comes direct from spirit and is natural and does not use any tools or gimmicks. I do readings for people from all walks of life including celebrities and heads of state.


Book reviews

PENDULUM ARTS – “Written in a friendly and casual tone, this book on pendulum arts makes for an interesting read even for a total beginner on the topic such as myself. Tracy Poskitt gives the readers techniques not only on overcoming stress but also on discovering the deeper sense of self within us. I, too, like many others, have been quite skeptical about the use of pendulum. After reading this book, I realized how shallow my understanding was. This book triggered my interest on exploring the pendulum arts deeper. The author gave very clear instructions that anyone can fully understand the methods and principles behind the practice.” – Water Girl