Are You Living Or Just Existing?

ISBN: 9781912400065

Published: Feb 2018

Do you ever look around you and just think that this journey we call ‘life’ is all a little bit crazy?

And why everything is laid out for us as soon as we are born to follow a certain path? But does this path necessarily lead to fulfillment and happiness? Who are the architects of this path and what is their agenda?

Five years ago I asked the same questions to myself was I living or just existing? This led me on a journey of deep research and discovery both of the outer World around me, and my own inner World. I realised that a lack of understanding leads to a lack of fulfillment and purpose in life, so this book is an honest assessment of hard hitting questions about beliefs and traditions we as species have held for eons.

I found that many problems exist because these beliefs are never explored or probed with a critical eye, and indeed once re-evaluated can potentially lead to a much deeper understanding of where and how we fit into this mad World. Everything in this book is uncensored and from the heart, and from a place of wanting a better World for everyone both individually and collectively.

About the author

Tony Sayers is a passionate activist, vlogger, writer, and public  speaker who in 2013 started to become aware of the deeper goings on within this World and the hidden hands that control it. Since  having these realisations he has been relentless in his work to expose the levels of corruption in society in an attempt to help others open their eyes. He is driven by doing what he can in his own way to help future generations enjoy a better World. His work has been mainly focused on human psychology, mind control, and spiritual laws. He is now progressing into technological, metaphysical manipulations, and energy healing work.

Born in Essex Tony grew up in Southend on Sea, Essex, UK and enjoyed a good childhood, although he found school quite challenging with other students and somewhat boring. His questioning of what is normal had subconsciously already began. From school Tony went travelling when he was 21 which was a huge learning curve where he felt he got a real education observing how other cultures lived, and the vast differences between the developed and non developed World. He also travelled to Nepal and researched Buddhism, which at the time was to sew a spiritual seed in him that was to awaken later in life. After this period he went on to work in many ‘normal’ jobs in the Banking and Estate Agency Worlds, but never truly feeling fulfilled, and feeling as if he was ‘just going through the motions’ of life. It was in this period where he was so down beat in the rigourous daily grind he started to ask the big questions in
life which ultimately led him to these greater understandings about himself and the World, the learning is still going on today.

Sometimes controversial, Tony is raw in how he expresses himself and his truth but is always coming from a place of care and desire for positive change. Tony has appeared on radio shows, and spoke publicly which can be found on Youtube. He has his own website
which is where all his work can be found.