Less Stress For You

ISBN: 978-0956610379 | 978-0956610386 | 978-0956610393

Published: Mar 2015

It was in Idaho Falls, Idaho, that author Rosemary Rebo met Vianna Stibal, from whom she learned the modality, ThetaHealing®, which has played a major role in her journey thus far. It was from studying ThetaHealing®, that Rosemary learned how to ‘Create her own Reality’.
By combining her professional expertise with her inspired gift of writing poetry and many varied experiences of life she has produced this unique book. Includes CD and MP3 Download.

About the author

My name is Rosemary Rebo and I have been involved in Theta since I was introduced to Vianna Stibal in 1996 through a mutual friend, Connie Schuldt. But it was only in 2004, when I decided to become a ThetaHealing® Teacher and I am now a Master of ThetaHealing® and hold the prestigious award of the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science. I am fully qualified to teach DNA 1 & 2 and DNA 3 Seminars, Manifestation and Abundance, Soulmates and Weight Liberation Classes, Rainbow Children Course, Intuitive Anatomy, Diseases and Disorders and World Relations Seminars.

I was born on the Wirral Peninsula in England. After receiving the qualification of Licentiate of Trinity College London in 1968, I continued my education and obtained a Post-Graduate Certification from Manchester University (Music, Psychology, Sociology) I was employed as a peripatetic teacher on the Wirral and in Liverpool and always had a burning desire to teach children with emotional or physical problems and always felt connected to people with disabilities. This psychic connection extended itself to an understanding with animals but it was only after learning the Theta technique that I fully understood the gift that I could use to improve the lives of both people and animals.

After moving to America in 1986, and back to England in 2001, my career has led me to teach many disciplines to all ages, children, teenagers and adults alike. When living in America, I taught Education and Music Therapy to disturbed teenagers in the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I specialized in Psycho-social Rehabilitation / Case Management for the developmentally delayed and the mentally ill, in several local agencies before opening my own business there. I always knew that the treatment was never enough to allow people to reach their full potential. On discovering the Theta work, I realized the “missing link” to people living their lives to the full was the understanding of “Unconditional Love” , the balancing of Mind, Body and Spirit, (whether suffering from a disability or not.)

I have experienced for myself, life changing miracles that this sacred work can bring to ANYONE, such as raising energy vibrations, resolving relationship issues, discovering how past generations have negative impacts on actions, health and emotions, tapping into the sub-conscious mind in order to find the root cause of the problem, to change the negative beliefs to positive ones on a cellular level,… etc… and much, much more. This is exciting work and it is all based on the Unconditional love of the Creator Of The Universe.

Book reviews

Less stress is something most people could do with more of in their lives and this book gives information on how to go about achieving this more peaceable state, as laid out by its author and Master Theta Healer, Rosemary Rebo.

Less Stress For You starts with the usual dedications and acknowledgements and goes on to explain the point of the book as an aid to relieving and eliminating stress from your life. The author teaches about the benefits of ThetaHealing®, a unique system of alternative healing that can be used in the process of changing one’s life for the better.

The book can be divided into 4 areas that can each be used to learn and draw strength from, consisting of poetry, imagery, lessons/experience and music.

The poetry, as described by the author, is a divinely channelled set of works that have to be written down whenever the flow is felt. When reading the poems I felt a sense of deepness that confirmed this. Although written by Rosemary Rebo’s hand, many of the messages have an impact that feel as though the words have been passed ‘down’ from a place of greater perspective and wisdom. This is further added to by the beautiful and stunning full page images that serve to enhance the message of the poems, providing a canvas on which to allow your mind to ponder and relax.

In the book, Rosemary shares some very personal experiences and life lessons that she has gleaned in life through her own journey, encouraging the reader to take notice of the little things in life in order to bring more positivity to our being. In effect, the book isn’t just one thing, it is multi-faceted with the sole aim of helping the reader to reduce stress and bring more joy and happiness into their everyday lives with ways in which to do this.

It is evident when reading Less Stress For You, that the author has literally put her heart and soul into the creation of this book for the benefit of others, even going out of her way to read and professionally record the poems and accompanying soundtracks so that the reader can sit back, close their eyes and submerge themselves in the energy of the words, an added bonus to the not only visually pleasing physical pages of the book, but a mentally stimulating and soothing work that puts it all back into perspective.

In trying to find a negative about Less Stress For You, my only criticism is that it had to come to an end!

I believe this book will find its way to those who need it most but needless to say that I highly recommend Less Stress For You to anyone searching for guidance in order to simplify and bring more joy and happiness into their lives, with a helping hand in the healing process along the way.

Review by: Sarah Feeley of Sazmick Books Publishing