Diamond Lightbody

ISBN: 978-0993008627

Published: April 2015

Diamond Consciousness was always an intended part of the Universal Plan, once a sufficient crystal consciousness had been achieved here. This book is a direct channelling from the Crystal Consciousness of the Dragon Crystals. It provides us with technical information about our energy fields, and the lightbody processes that lead to Diamond Light Consciousness. This is a consciousness stream, or operating system which we had direct access to around 300,000 years ago, before the Earth entered the Duality/ Separation Experiment.

Included in this book are the Diamond Light Key Codes, which when used, will re-activate this Consciousness within us, returning us to our Immortal state of Being. This is the latest step of our Evolutionary journey, the Activation of our Immortal Body of Light!

Communications From The Stars

ISBN: 978-0993008610

Published: 2015

I have been asked to give you these messages from other dimensional levels of our Reality. They come from Star Beings, Galactic Councils, Archangels, Yeshua, and the 12th dimensional Yeshua Collective. The messages bring Love, Hope and much needed help at this time of Great Transformation… Ki-Ra.

The One

ISBN: 978-0993008603

Published: 2014

This is the third and last book in the Hu-Man experiment. Again there is no author since this manuscript comes to us directly from the Crystal Consciousness of the “Flame of Life”, and has never existed on Planet Earth before! Please join me in helping to create a New World for us All, through this wonderful Divine experiment… Ki-Ra.

Life Essence

ISBN: 978-0956610362

Published: Jul 2014

This is the second book in the Hu-Man experiment. There is no author since this manuscript comes to us directly from the Crystal Consciousness of the “Flame of Life”, and has never been attempted on Planet Earth before! Please join me in creating a New World through this wonderful experiment of Divinity… Ki-Ra.

Book Of Life

ISBN: 978-0956610355

Published: Apr 2014

In 2012, Kira Lester was visited by the ‘Alpha Orion Team’, who asked her to bring through the ‘Book Of Life. The manuscript is written in 5th dimensional language and originates from the flame of ‘Life’ in the ‘Halls of Amenti’, underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza. It’s author is Andrei; a Lemurian/Atlantean priest. The Book uses Ancient technology of Sound & Breath, written according to Fibonacci sequencing and the repetition of it’s verses, builds layers of energy frequencies that culminate in the awakening of our ‘Christ Consciousness’.

About the author

I am a channel for the Elohim and am responsible for the “Orion Star Grids”, which are DIY Ascension tools, to enable us to bring our Celestial Self into physicality. I have the ability to reach beyond the Earth’s energy matrix and to bring through information and advanced technology from Divine Beings of Light.

My true name is ‘Aristar’, and I originate from a fully Christed Alpha world near to the Galactic Centre. My Star Family are descendants of the Atlantean priesthood who became rulers of Ancient Egypt after the fall of Atlantis. I came here to help with the empowerment of ourselves and that of ‘Gaia’ at this special time in our history, to achieve something that has never successfully been achieved before, the blending and merging of dimensions (raising the 3rd to the 4th, and lowering the 4th and 5th). Since an Aspect of ourselves exists in all dimensions, this will enable us to unite these Aspects and subsequently integrate them into our current Being. Thus allowing us to bring our Divinity, our ‘Higher Selves’ into physicality. I have been given a number of tools to aid this process.

I like to stay at the forefront of Spiritual change and growth, and if like me you are dedicated to evolving and bringing Love, Peace, and Harmony to this world, then you will use this book (Book Of Life). Bless you All.