Bedtime Stories For Self Esteem

ISBN: 978993008689

Published: November 2015

We are living in a fast paced world, a consumer society which runs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. How often do you get the time to appreciate the love you hold for your friends and family? Are You a happy person ? If you were asked to give yourself a score of between 0 and 100 as to how happy you are (0 being very unhappy, and 100 being top of the pops) what score would you give yourself right now?

Jamstone stories will help you to learn new ways of feeling better about yourself. In this current age, families are divided. School is adding more and more academic pressure onto children, while adults and carers are working longer hours just to try and make ends meet! Exhausting isn’t it?

Jamstone stories are based on a wealth of holistic psychological experience. We will show you how to love your life, so much so, that you will then be able to teach other people to love their lives too! By simply reading a Jamstone story to another person will help you to learn at a deeper level how to be at peace with yourself with the strength to overcome problems. ‘Problems’ – now that’s not a nice thought I guess. Well the truth is, we all have problems of some kind, and it is in the solving of the problems that we learn to become stronger people.

About the author

James Vanstone took an interest in the mental wellbeing of other people from an early age. At 21 he was working for a British charity known as Samaritans helping people to make sense of hardships and psychological pain.

Later in his twenties, he graduated in counselling and psychotherapy and helped many people younger and older suffering with negative thinking, emotional trauma, and behavioural difficulties.

With the trending success of cognitive behavioural therapy James became skilled in helping people make shifts in thinking, feeling, and behaviour over the short course of six sessions.

Later in his thirties, James studied philosophy. He also became a hypnotherapist and Neuro linguistic programming practitioner. He is also gifted with healing hands.

James’s passion to help others has always been guided by firstly encouraging people to find inner peace. In the stories you read you will automatically learn how to teach others to deeply relax.

Additionally, you will become the encouraging positive voice in another’s life. During James’s journey of a psychology degree, he learnedhow children who thrive need to be nurtured by someone else. He learned that adults who did not feel secure as children often carry a great number of insecurities into adulthood.

James’s stories hold reciprocal benefits to both reader and listener. Even though the stories appear on the surface only to be aimed at young children, they are also suitable to teenagers and adults of any age. Counselling psychologists and hypnotherapists have long been aware that adults with negative thinking patterns need to return to a childlike state of mind. Listening to a children’s story filled with positive messages will allow the adult mind to allow new positive ways of thinking too!