ISBN: 978-0-9954554-3-6

Published: July 2017

If you want life to be more satisfying, but you are not interested in religion and are wary of approaches asking you to believe what you cannot yourself experience, invisible will enable you see life in a new way that you can directly know as true. This will be because you will turn your mind upon itself to see its limitations and inventions. Hanos will open the doors but you will walk through to see these things for yourself.

Along that way, we will look at many diverse areas of ordinary life and make new discoveries about what is happening, finding ways to overcome anger and shame as well as make a better connection with yourself and others.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Give yourself this gift.

About the author

: ) Hanos did a first degree in psychology followed by a higher degree in Social Work. He worked in child abuse, child protection, fostering and adoption; in client’s homes and frequently in court settings. Currently, he has a practice in emotional healing and is writing a comedy play for older teenagers and adults, looking at how communication can resolve misunderstandings.

He initially developed the name Hanos, a former email address, as a reminder to be Here And Now, rather than dwelling in the past or the future, and in gratitude to Osho to whom this book is dedicated. He then started to use this name in life, finding that taking a new name gave him permission to be different.  He believes that the willingness to change oneself is what it means to be religious.

Although : ) Hanos was born and lives in the UK and is very “English”, he finds it more useful to think of himself as a part of this planet, as a part of Gaia, to which we are all connected.


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