ISBN: 9780993008696

Published: May 2016

Art-Peace is a contemplative colouring meditation aid designed to encourage deep/Mindfulness by means of contemplating the written words while colouring the highly symbolic art pieces to attain new insights and understandings about yourself and the world in which we live.

About the author

Mother and Son, Donna & Carl Roberts have collaborated to bring together a collection of artwork and creatively inspired writings.

Carl Roberts is a freelance graphic designer and artist, based in Sweden. Carl’s art he explains to be a meditative and self-discovery discipline as well as a way to vent and express himself visually. Many of the pieces have a purely symbolic meaning to them; others are a way of telling a story. He continues to learn and grow from his experiences with art and he hopes to be able to shed light into areas that are left unquestioned via his strikingly intricate and multi-layered concepts depicted via his particular way of seeing the world.

Donna Roberts is a qualified Energy Field and Massage Therapist, Holistic Therapy Practitioner, Coach and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Donna’s art work came about after a number of synchronicities, culminating during a conversation with a friend; she became aware of how much she heard herself saying “I Can’t…… draw”, to which her friend replied, “Who says you can’t?… Just Do It!”

Ponder on that question yourself … How many things do you tell yourself you can’t do…?

Donna picked up a pencil and began to draw primarily to allow her ‘deeper feelings’ to be expressed visually in a drawing; this book has been created to encourage others to have a go (Just Do It)!