White Heart & Black Heart

ISBN: 978993008634

Published: Forthcoming (Estimated Feb 2016)

If we consciously commit severe crimes hoping the police are looking the other way, we are making massive mistakes and sooner or later we’ll be forced to pay our debts. You cannot jump to conclusions and assume that people are stupid and that they won’t understand. Kindness does not equal with stupidity. Undeniably, life has its own legal system, with a judge and a prosecutor controlling everything. It’s important that we remain loyal to one another and that we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. The beautiful woman whom Tom falls madly in love with uses him in the worst way possible. At first she doesn’t realise the high price she’ll have to pay if she continues to take advantage of Tom’s pure love and deep honesty. Supernatural forces ensure that justice is done.

Find out what happened to her and her accomplices.

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