The Holographic Matrix - Book 1: The Sovereign Self

ISBN: 978-1-912400-11-9

Published: April 2018

There’s a multitude of amazing spiritual information out there teaching love, compassion, none identification to ego and the silent witness within. Information around how this world is an illusion, who would we be without our story? Focus on having a high vibration, how the world is a wonderful place. Is it?

No book has ever been written on why we are all so messed up. Nothing has been explained why we are in a world where people fight and hate, why there is abuse and how this world is parasitic, satanic and full of pain and misery.

Why as humans do we have to live in a world thats primary objective is to keep humans in debt, poverty and at war with each other? This book and the oncoming books go deep into the sabotage and corruption that is a controlling force on this planet.

We are sovereign beings and our natural state is peace and love – so why is that so difficult to achieve? The beginning of a rabbit hole that goes deeper with every book and also the birthing of true sovereignty for those looking for solutions.

Coming soon, Book 2 – The Sovereign Birthright…

About the author

Abigail is a Certified Practitioner in Reiki 1 (was intuitively moved away from Reiki 2 and symbols), Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics using Aborigine Dreamtime Healing and Spiritual Coaching and the creator of The Sovereign Human Matrix Healing Modality.

Her signature is her down to earth, heartfelt, grounded approach to life whilst deep sea diving into layers of emotions and limiting beliefs presented by her clients and navigating through into clearer waters.

Abigail is a conduit for source energy allowing her clients to release, transform and transition into a deeper, more empowering version of themselves. She is well known for her transformational healing  sessions, high vibration guided meditations and ‘activating, catalyst abilities’.

During her years of personal self-healing and experience with clients she began to develop her own technique of shifting sabotaging energies and emotional blockages such as entities, past lives, emotional trauma and ancestry lineages.

Abigail’s journey wasn’t an easy one. She was used in Satanic Rituals as a small child and had to heal herself from dissociation personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and severe trauma.

Having been attacked throughout her entire life by humans, black magic and inter-dimensional interference her life’s mission was to find a way to freedom as a sovereign being free from the abuse that inhabits this planet. Her focus became an unstoppable drive to find a way to remove all satanic energy from her system and rebuild herself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

The Sovereign Human Matrix Healing Modality and Holographic Matrix Book Version began to reveal itself to her after she had done the spiritual, psychological and emotional healing needed to heal her inner child fragments, mind control and dissociation from the satanic rituals.

In order to have the ability to go that deep she had to journey back into the ritual memories and free herself from her past. Nobody understands satanic energy better than Abigail.

It’s because of her healing journey that she was able to find satanic artificial overlays, implants and much more.

Abigail is a claircognizant, intuitive, empath meaning that she knows and feels energy. Her abilities kept her alive, intuitively seeking the right healing and following her spiritual path and life journey.

She receives frequency transmissions that she then has to translate into words from Arcturians and has been gifted with being able to pass her energy abilities onto others by teaching her method of healing and providing the activations needed in order for others to do this work.