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We’ve been speaking with Kira Lester recently, author of two books entitled ‘Book Of Life’ and ‘Life Essence’ with more interesting projects on the way. See what Kira has to say about her work and journey below…

 (Kira Lester)

1) Describe a little about yourself and background and how that led you to where you are today.

Answer: I am what they call a “First Wave Lightworker”. As far back as I can remember, I was always aware that I was here on a mission, that there was some specific Divine purpose for me being here. I never spoke of this for many years, which on reflection was probably wise, since I may have been locked up on the grounds of Insanity!

I chose a path that caused me great emotional pain – but this pain was the key that unlocked my Kundalini Reservoir, and led to my Spiritual Birth. After this birth, Life became a wonderful experience of Peace, Love, and Joy. I was freed from all attachments, my karmic chains were broken, and it was Bliss. In the years ahead, I became a Hypnotherapist/ Reiki practitioner, and energy medicine therapist. In 2002, I was approached by a Lightbeing called “Orin” ( Sanaya Roman’s guide), who asked me if I wanted to go higher. I said “Yes”. My work with him resulted in another huge quantum shift, and shortly after this, my Merkabah became active, which was pretty amazing. At this point, I was given the opportunity to leave this dimension, but I chose to stay, as I so much wanted to help others to lift themselves into this Wonderful Reality.

2) You’ve published Two books with Sazmick Books Publishing, ‘Book Of Life’ and more recently ‘Life Essence’. Tell us about them and how you came to author them?

Answer: In 2011, I was visited by the “Alpha Orion Team”, and asked if I would present the “Book Of Life” to Humanity. I was told that this was a sacred text that has been kept in the etheric vaults of Giza,and is designed to shift us into “Christ Consciousness”, using a method of Fibonacci sequencing. They said this book will open many doors for us and accelerate our spiritual growth. Afterwards I was given two further texts, “Life Essence”, and “The One” ( which isn’t yet in print). These three books represent the remaining three levels of consciousness that are open to us whilst still embodied.

3) Both books are very unique to other books but how do the two differ from each other?

Answer: The “Book Of Life” shifts us into the “Christ Conscious” state of Being, whereas “Life Essence” takes us further into the “I AM Consciousness” level. They are part of our journey Home.

4) What message would you like readers of your work to grasp most and why?

Answer: To be open to the new wonderful higher dimensional frequencies for growth, that are being made available to us through these works. To always follow rising energy.

5) Do you feel a sense of responsibility given the nature and contents of the books?

Answer: I consider myself to be a responsible person, and when asked by the spiritual hierarchy to do something, I willingly comply, as I know it must be important. But the ultimate responsibility lies with ‘Source’ and the Hierarchy. If I allowed myself to be weighed down by the enormity of a task, I would be of no use to anyone!

6) What book are you yourself reading right now or did you last read?

Answer: I get little time to read books these days. I have read Tim Ray’s brilliant books, “Starbrow” and “Starwarrior”. I have also read books such as “Opening to Channel” ( Sanaya Roman), “The Mystery of the White Lions” ( Linda Tucker), and “The Magdalen Manuscript” ( Tom Kenyon & Judy Sion).

7) What other projects related to your work are you focusing on currently?

Answer: I’m writing my 4th book, entitled “Communications from the Stars”, which is a series of channellings from beings such as Archangel Michael, and Jophiel; Yeshua; the “Yeshua Collective”; Salusa and various Galactic Councils and Starbeings. This is alongside restoring the “Gateway Systems” from “Atlantis” to Humanity.

8) What is your favourite quote?

Answer: “Truth is stranger than Fiction”.

9) What advice would you give to others looking to get their work published?

Answer: On a personal note, DON’T GIVE UP! However many challenges arise in the course of getting your work out there, believe in yourself and what you are doing. Allow your Heart to guide you – YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. From the publishing perspective, choose someone who will “listen” to you, and help you to fulfil your needs, without judgement, especially if your work is pretty “far out there” as mine is! This is why I have chosen the “Sazmick Books” platform, for my books.

10) Is there anything else you’d like readers of this interview to know about you and the work you do?

Answer: The changes I’ve undergone have enabled me to work outside of the Laws of ‘Time and Space’, in order to expedite our Evolution. To this end, I have been given spiritual energy activations, the most recent are the “Scalar Activations”. I have also been used as a portal to return the “Gateway Systems” from Atlantis, to us. They have given me the “Orion Star Grids” (energy tools for Ascension), and last but not least, the sacred energy technology from “The Halls of Amenti”, designed to shift us into the last three levels of consciousness which are open to us as embodied souls, This is presented to you by the “Book Of Life”, “Life Essence” and “The One”.

Thanks to Kira for the enlightening interview. If you would like to know more about Kira and her work then you can visit here website at:

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