Are you Drawn To Dorset? – Latest Sazmick book release

England, meaning Land of Angles is steeped in history, the invaders and the defenders, the Royal ancient visitors and of course the famous monuments such as Stonehenge. We also have the annual crop circles that leave many perplexed and mind blown. Why do so many sacred geometric shapes appear in this part of the world? It is the nature of the land and the sacredness upon which it stands. Each inhabitant could tell their own story, could tell you a few gems about the place of their birth and residence, but not many do.

On Friday 23rd November 2018, Sazmick Books first time author, Claire Whiles, held a book launch for her new book Drawn To Dorset, whereby she showcased her writing talents and some interesting stories about her home county, Dorset in England. The book holds something for everyone from the ancient people to the sacred geometric relevance of religious buildings, which is a fascinating piece of knowledge.


‘Mankind has been drawn to Dorset since the beginning of time; the hunter gatherers, vikings, Romans , kings, queens, artists and poets, making history, leaving their footprints and even their souls on this ancient land.

This history is not always learned from books. It is felt, lived, becoming part of your life with a passionate need to know more.’ Claire Whiles. Drawn to Dorset is a collection of real life stories, spanning time, bringing the past to life through experience and discovery, sparked by an unmistakable draw to this beautiful and extraordinary county of Dorset.’

The book is now available from Amazon and various other online bookstores.

We hope that you enjoy this new book and thank you for supporting Claire

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