Captured By Mini-Beasts

ISBN: n/a

Published: September 2018

The stories in this book have been written by children at Two Gates Community Primary School, taking part in a family learning writing project.

The stories wre inspired by a visit to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Wolseley Centre, and the support from local author, Ben Davis.

Plane Adventures

ISBN: n/a

Published: September 2017

Plane Adventures is a compilation of 14 short stories written by students from Two Gates Primary School based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The stories, mostly centered around wartime planes, were inspired after a visit by the children to the Royal Air Force base in Cosford, UK. It also comes following a workshop inspired by Best selling and children’s author, Tom Palmer. This book also has a couple of surprises up its sleeve too including something of the interplanetary kind, so keep your eyes open, your mind on target and prepare to be inspired!

Two Gates Primary School

The authors in this case are made up of several primary school students from a school in Tamworth, Staffordshire, who all came together to contribute their stories to these creative writing projects. Lead and compiled by  two of the schools teaching assistants, the school published the stories into two wonderful books, forever writing the students and their stories into the school’s library, and into history! Inspirational!