Are You Living Or Just Existing?

ISBN: 9781912400065

Published: Feb 2018

Do you ever look around you and just think that this journey we call ‘life’ is all a little bit crazy?

And why everything is laid out for us as soon as we are born to follow a certain path? But does this path necessarily lead to fulfillment and happiness? Who are the architects of this path and what is their agenda?

Five years ago I asked the same questions to myself was I living or just existing? This led me on a journey of deep research and discovery both of the outer World around me, and my own inner World. I realised that a lack of understanding leads to a lack of fulfillment and purpose in life, so this book is an honest assessment of hard hitting questions about beliefs and traditions we as species have held for eons.

I found that many problems exist because these beliefs are never explored or probed with a critical eye, and indeed once re-evaluated can potentially lead to a much deeper understanding of where and how we fit into this mad World. Everything in this book is uncensored and from the heart, and from a place of wanting a better World for everyone both individually and collectively.

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Tony Sayers