All Of The You's

ISBN: 978-1-912400-00-3

Published: Sept 2017

This book and the two books that follow have been channelled from whatever you choose to call God, through first the Archangels, then heaven, then this author.

There are many perspectives belief systems and truths that exist, my purpose in this life has been to unify them into one place. You could say that this is not my perspective but the highest perspective, that of the Creator. Who, what and where both you, the human ‘being’ and You, the superconscious soul are is included. These three manuals are designed and channelled in such a way that they will leave no questions unanswered, leave no thirst unquenched and leave no soul lost.

Unconditional love and blessings to all that read them.


On each and every journey, I am with you ALWAYS.
Father Mother God,
When good and love is YOU, the soul,
then God is YOU.
When calm and joy is you, the human being,
then God is you.
Walk with God speak the truth and dream the dream,
then let your heart be free.

Stuart Stephenson