The Magic Haystack - The Power Of Imagination

ISBN: 9781912400195

Published: December 2018

My name is Hanos. I used to work with children and young people. Now I spend a lot of time just sitting and doing nothing. It’s so rewarding. Since I started doing nothing, I have written an e-book about how we see the world and then a comedy play. I draw cartoons, making use of my lack of artistic talent, and now you have before you my latest book, for children from age 6 to 96. This is an amazing book because it is about a real haystack and the surprising things that can be seen when we start to look at the world in a new way. When I have helped you a little to see these things and what fun it is, you will be able to take your new eyes away with you to use in many other places. Since I have relaxed and stopped trying so hard to achieve something, so much has happened. I have done a lot more than I ever did before. It’s like swimming. When you decide to go in the direction that the river is flowing, everything becomes easier and you really begin to move. Always, I find that the best children’s books and films offer as much to adults as to children. To the adults I would put it in this way: When you watch from the side of the field, The walls you made start to melt and yield; You’re a fading, visceral holder, A shining flame upon an altar.


ISBN: 978-0-9954554-3-6

Published: July 2017

If you want life to be more satisfying, but you are not interested in religion and are wary of approaches asking you to believe what you cannot yourself experience, invisible will enable you see life in a new way that you can directly know as true. This will be because you will turn your mind upon itself to see its limitations and inventions. Hanos will open the doors but you will walk through to see these things for yourself.

Along that way, we will look at many diverse areas of ordinary life and make new discoveries about what is happening, finding ways to overcome anger and shame as well as make a better connection with yourself and others.

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:) Hanos

Hanos is a former child care social worker, who lives in Grantham,
England; a pleasant but unremarkable town, best known as the birth place of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and because of the association with Isaac Newton, who attended The King’s School in
Grantham, famously scratching one of the walls with graffiti.

Hanos has previously authored ‘invisible’, a non-religious personal growth e-book for adults, independently reviewed as ‘a profoundly transformational book. A must read.’

He has also written a hilarious comedy play about communication and sexuality for over sixteen’s and a number of poems.

Metatasising into another genre, Hanos draws cartoons, some of them humorous and some reflective. They can be seen at his blog,

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