Strange Things Happen When Someone Dies

ISBN: 978-0-9954554-9-8

Published: Sept 2017

Well my friends it all began with the passing of my beautiful wife Pat in 2011. I truly thought my world as I knew it had come to an end, when by reading this story you will see it was a new beginning, a journey through the emotions of grief and the opening of a spiritual door that has taken me on a journey of self–discovery of me, who and what I truly am. We will talk about the afterlife, universal beings, self-healing and spiritual healing. So sit back, relax and enjoy, you may find like I have that life is so different to what we have been led to believe. Love and Light. Alec

Granddad You Have A Message – Through The Eyes Of A Child

ISBN: 9780993008665

Published: Sept 2015

“Look within to find the love, empathy and light, to see our lives with the simplicity of the child, uncomplicated and fun”. ~ 31/07/2014 at 05:15 hrs.

This book has been written through the mediumship of the author.

Granddad You Have A Message – Spiritual & Inspirational Writing

ISBN: 9780956610331

Published: Dec 2013

Since the passing of his Wife, Alec Laidler began to receive lots of inspirational thoughts and messages from his higher self regarding some of the happenings and events that befall all of us at some time in our lives. Alec now offers these messages in ‘Granddad You Have A Message’ in the hope that they will guide others through these times, as they have him. All book proceeds will be donated to the Kelli Smith Appeal and Breast Friends charities.

Alec Laidler