“It Has Served Us Well, This Myth Of Christ” – Religion; The Ultimate Deception

ISBN: 978-0995455405
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“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – a statement once made by Pope Leo X and one difficult to dispute when you examine the evidence on offer. You will learn from this book how bible characters and stories as well as those of other religions, have either an astronomical or genetic basis. The evidence in this book suggests that the characters are not real people; that their creation is a deliberate act of concealment of truth by the initiates, the chosen few, the keepers of ancient knowledge, controlling the global power strings even today through governments, corporations, media, the music and film industry and even royalty. History is a lie and religion is a control system of deliberate divide. Religion has the world at war and the global population at odds; just as planned; even as far back as the ancient Pharisees. Once these secret teachings have been exposed then the fraudulent and deceptive grip upon the minds and lives of the masses will be gone and no more will the myth of Christ serve them well.

Many will not want to see or hear the contents of this book; many will curse and claim that it has come from the devil. But for those who do; welcome to these new and esoteric insights, a new language known only previously by the select few. This book flies in the face of popular culture and belief. After reading this book, will you be willing to review your own?

Welcome to the intriguing world of secret codes and deeper meanings, welcome to the secrets of space and the body universe.

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Walk Into The Light – The Journey Of A Lightworker Duo

ISBN: 978-0956610300
Published: July 2010

Walk Into The Light documents the Spiritual, Supernatural & Paranormal journey of Husband & Wife team Michael & Sarah Feeley. From Ghosts and Poltergeist activity… to Ufo’s and Out of Body Experiences… to Energy, Meditation and much more, this book has got it all! In the early hours of one February morning in 2009 something happened to Michael & Sarah that was to change their lives forever. A terrifying and dramatic awakening occurred…

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Beyond The Illusion – A Time Of Awakening

ISBN: 978-0956610317
Published: Feb 2011

Beyond The Illusion describes how world events in today’s society are orchestrated to prevent humanity from awakening to the coming Spiritual revolution that is changing the world forever. Once again Michael & Sarah relay their own personal experiences of a fascinating Spiritual and Supernatural nature showing there is much more to life than people realise. Includes amazing photographs and artwork of an ‘other worldly nature’…

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Earth Is An Experiment, Duality Is A Game …And Love Is The Answer

ISBN: 978-0956610324
Published: Jan 2012

Earth Is An Experiment, reveals the many aspects of the darkness and how it has influenced Humanity for many, many years in an attempt to suppress the information of Love, duality and polarity so as to rule the Human race from the shadows. From alternative Biblical translations, our extraterrestrial origins, the ‘enlightened ones’, to revelations about the poisons in our food & water and much more, this book is a real eye opener…

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About the authors

Michael and Sarah are Ex Police officers that in 2009 had a major shift in awareness with various natural and supernatural experiences that led to a deeper level of understanding of themselves, the world and beyond. This awakening, along with several other events, led to Michael and Sarah resigning from the Police force as the toll of working in an organisation that should be integrity driven, but isn’t, could no longer be endured by the pair. As a result, they began a new life and began helping people in a new way by sharing the information they possessed.

Mick and Sarah now share their unique insight into what is really going on, (on and off), of a world that is controlled by an elite cabal that has quite expertly enslaved every man, woman and child physically, mentally and spiritually in order to exert complete control over the Human race through various means. They are passionate about helping others to see through the intricately spun web of illusion that has trapped the majority of the world’s population in one form or another, so that we might rise beyond it, take back our power and make a change for the better in the world and in our everyday lives.

In order to contribute to the growing levels of awareness in society and in order to keep the snowball effect in motion, Mick and Sarah have written 3 books, conduct speaking presentations, make their own videos, add regular Facebook updates, Newsletters, Radio interviews, Television interviews and informational documentaries as well as recently setting up an alternative book publishing company to help others get their work out there. They also continue to research the many pressing subjects of a spiritual and physical nature.