Granddad You Have A Message – Spiritual & Inspirational Writing
ISBN: 9780956610331
Published: Dec 2013

Since the passing of his Wife, Alec Laidler began to receive lots of inspirational thoughts and messages from his higher self regarding some of the happenings and events that befall all of us at some time in our lives. Alec now offers these messages in ‘Granddad You Have A Message’ in the hope that they will guide others through these times, as they have him. All book proceeds will be donated to the Kelli Smith Appeal and Breast Friends charities.

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Granddad You Have A Message – Through The Eyes Of A Child
ISBN: 9780993008665
Published: Sept 2015

“Look within to find the love, empathy and light, to see our lives with the simplicity of the child, uncomplicated and fun”. ~ 31/07/2014 at 05:15 hrs.

This book has been written through the mediumship of the author.

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About the author

I come from a mining family and I lived in the North East of England. My family moved to the Midlands in 1962 settling in the Tamworth area.

My early working years were spent in an engineering environment working for companies based in the Midlands, but actually spending most of the time working away from home. In 1971 I moved into financial services and have spent the rest of my working life doing that.

During my life I have experienced several ‘out of body experiences’ and have had two near death experiences. I have always believed in life after death and Angels, but nothing prepared me for the fateful day in May 2011 when my beloved Pat passed away after suffering breast cancer.

This book has been made possible because of a huge raising of my conscious levels after her passing.


Sazmick Books Review of ‘Granddad You Have A Message’

“Granddad you have a message is a compilation of anecdotes channelled by the author from his own higher-self, which can be accurately described as an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self.

This book; named by the authors Granddaughter, was written from a documented journal of events compiled over a couple of years following the death of the author’s wife Pat, from cancer. All proceeds from this book will be given to two charities dealing with both adult and childhood cancer to help others whose life has also been affected in a similar manner by this monstrous disease.

It is an excellent read and is a succinct and easy to read book of inspirational messages sent from a higher plane of existence and birthed into this reality through the author himself for the benefit of all whom have the pleasure of reading it. Those who do read it have found it for a reason.

‘Granddad’ is a ‘from the heart’ personal account of coming to terms with life as we know it and how there is eternity beyond our own reality, which will take us through various stages of the dimensional universe and eventually back to our natural state called the Unified Field, also known as oneness. As you begin to read ‘Granddad’ verse by verse it becomes apparent that it is written from a place of deep inner knowing and understanding.

It puts into perspective both the pain and joys of physical Earthly life with titles such as “Creators of our own destiny”, “Choices” and “Enlightenment”. This book is an inspirational journal put into a short and easy to understand format in a way expected of a higher aspect of ourselves.

We recommend this book to anyone who wishes to know about the larger significance of our existence.”

Review by: Michael Feeley of Sazmick Books Publishing